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Friday, February 7, 2014

Teaching Math with You Tube Videos: Shapes

Clip art by Art With Ms. Gram
I have always loved using music in the classroom and recently posted about how I have began to use You Tube videos to give kids movement breaks and teach math concepts at the same time.  I recently posted about my favorite counting videos and today I want to share with you some of my favorite geometry videos for grades K-2.

We reinforce a lot of these geometry videos with our Movin' It Math cards.  One deck of cards to prep and 7 games to use them in. 

3-D Shapes I know

This is very similar to the 2-D shapes I know song.  It is very repetitive with a good beat and kids seem to be able to sing along with it after one playing.  It is also the one I am most likely to hear kids singing after math class is over.  It gets stuck in your head!  If you are looking for 3-D shape posters for your classroom wall or to use in sorting activities, check these out.

The Shapes Song

This one is great when you are trying to bring the energy level in your room back down.  I have used it as a clean-up song as we are picking up from our geometry explorations when we have a lot of manipulatives out.  

The Shapes Song Rock Song About Shapes

This one is a great review of basic 2-D shapes and also touches on other polygons such as octagon and pentagon.  

The Greedy Triangle

This one is not a song but rather a reading of one of my favorite geometry picture books.  
The Greedy Triangle is a book all primary teachers should own.  This video works well when you have a very large class which would make it hard for all the kids to see the pictures.

3-D shapes ballet

This one was shared with me by a student who had tried to find the 3-D shapes rap from above at home.  It is set to ballet music (which the boys in my first grade love!) and shows geoblocks turning into people and dancing.  The kids love to do ballet dancing (or what they think is ballet dancing) while yelling out the names of the shapes as they appear.  

I am still hunting for more good shape videos!  Please leave any recommendations in the comments below!

Here are a few more great books for teaching geometry to young students!

More videos for teaching shapes can be found here!


  1. The 3D one by is great! My kids never forget this goofy guy! :)

  2. my kids love teacher tipster too, plus there are printables of the songs that you can use in your classroom.