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Monday, February 8, 2016

100th Day Fun!

Today was our 100th day of school!  It was a busy day and I am exhausted!  Here are few of the things we did:

100th Day Bulletin Board

I saw this idea in my son's school and instantly loved it!  Our 100th day is always around Valentines day so having kids think of 100 reasons we love our school was perfect.  I cut 100 hearts out of pink paper and glued them to a piece of chart paper.  We passed it around the school and had kids and adults write reasons they love our school.  I will definitely be doing this again next year but I will be using heart shaped post-it notes because I won't have to cut anything out and they will be a bit bigger.  The hearts were a bit on the smaller size for something I wanted to make a bulletin board out of and kids could really only fit one word.   Here were a few of my favorites math, feeling of community, caring teachers, amazing students, respect, safety, creativity and honesty.

 100th Day Swag

The primary teachers in my building are great about making 100th day hats and glasses and such with their students but I find kids of all ages love 100th day swag.  I made these fun 100th day ties and bracelets with my older students.  I myself supported a 100th day tie, several bracelets, my 100th day pin a 100th day crown and a pair of 100th day glasses that my son made with his class and let me borrow.  There is nothing like a bit of swag to make it feel like a holiday. 

100 Equations

Over the years with my grade 3-6 students we have celebrated the 100th day by writing 100 equations in whatever area we have been working on.  This year I made it more official and dressed it up with some cute clip art.  My grade 4 kids just learned the traditional algorithm for subtraction so they rolled dice to create 100 three and four digit subtraction problems.  The fifth graders just finished a unit on adding and subtracting fractions so they did some dice rolling to generate and solve 100 fraction addition and subtraction problems.  We took all 100 problems and organized them on chart paper to make a display to share in the gym. I love this idea because you can do it with any grade and with any topic.  A great way to celelbrate the 100th day and still work on your current unit.  You can grab my printables from Google drive here

100th Day of School Workout

I found this little routine on You Tube when I was looking for a 100th day book.  We have been working on adding more movement breaks into our day and it was fun to have a special one for the 100th day.  If you want to jump right into the workout, skip to the 2:10 mark.  We watched the whole thing through once and then did it a few more times throughout the day starting from 2:10.


I pulled out a lot of my favorite 100th day books to read to various grades today.  Here are a few of the books that were being read around our building today.

What a fun day!  What is your favorite way to celebrate the 100th day?