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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teaching Math With You Tube Videos: Area and Perimeter

Recently I posted some of my favorite songs and videos about shapes, counting, multiplicationcoins and telling time.  Here are some You Tube videos I have been using with older students to teach area and perimeter concepts.

Math Rocks! Perimeter and Area

This is a catchy tune about where to measure for area and perimeter and how to find area and perimeter of rectangular shapes.  Great for grades 3-6!  This is my students' very favorite area and perimeter song

Mr. Olian: Perimeter/Area

My third and fourth grade students have loved this.  It is harder to hear the lyrics but the kids love watching other kids

  Perimeter Rap

This is a quick one that I like to do during transitions. 

Perimeter and Area Rock

Any other recommendations for great area and perimeter songs or videos?

Looking for a great math literature book about area and perimeter?  Here is one your students will love!


  1. My 3rd graders LOVE the perimeter rap. We show it every year and when we have an extra minute or two they request it.