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Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Math Literature Volume 32

If you missed last week's post about my favorite skip counting and multiplication books, you can check it out here!

In the past, I have shared a few of my favorite counting books and today I want to show you a few more.

This is book is a fun way to introduce counting by ones to young children but I find its real power is in helping Kindergarten and first grade students understand counting by 10 numbers.  I use it to help kids see that there are 6 tens in 60 and 9 tens in 90.  The pictures on the count by 10 pages are clear and organized into groups of 10.


This book focuses on numbers up to 20.  I love to use this book with Kindergarten children who need more work with numbers in the teens.  I also love the pictures in this book!

This is a neat double sided book including two stories One story is about the dirtiest pigs in town and if you flip the book over and start from the opposite cover it is a story about the cleanest pigs in town.  I use this in early Kindergarten and with any kids who need more work on numbers to 10 or one-to-one correspondence.

Head over to volume 33 to see a wonderful penguin themed story about finding a million.  

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