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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Great Math App: King of Math

I recently found a great new app!

King of Math

I downloaded it immediately and in the following days set some kids who had their other work done to exploring it for me.  They LOVED IT!  I have been using it with kids in grades 3-8 who are fast finishers.  I can also see myself using it down the road for kids who need more practice and/or intervention.  It is a great app to challenge a third or fourth grader and is really good practice for grades 5 and up.  There are some things that will challenge a fifth or sixth grader, but because there are so many levels and options, the kids love it.

The first three levels are available as a free app and the full version is now $1.99

Let's take a look at some screen shots

Starts off VERY easy.  Students earn stars for getting answers correct.  The faster they go the more stars they get.  There are 10 questions at each level.  If they get more than 2 wrong, they fail the level and have to start again.  I love how it balances speed and accuracy.  
Subtraction section also starts off easy.  See how I could use parts and pieces of this app with younger children or those in need of intervention?  It is also a great way to work on fluency.
This is from the Mixed section.  A very different type of questions that gets kids thinking.
See how the subtraction section has gotten more difficult?
Geometry concepts:)
Finding the percent of a number. I pulled this out the other day in a sixth grade class where they had been working on this skill.  A few kids needed some extra practice and this is how they got it!  I selected the level and activity for them rather than letting them select whatever they want. 

For kids ready for a challenge, I let them self select what they are working on.  If they choose something very easy for them, they are done it very quickly and then are forced to move onto something more at their level.  It has been a great way to keep my challenge kids engaged and moving forward instead of sitting around with nothing to do or being given more worksheets.  
The powers section is great for seventh and eighth graders!  A third grader might not get to this level or if they do select it will probably get 2 wrong very quickly and get put out of the level.  
This is what the sign in screen looks like!  You start off as a male or female farmer and work your way up to queen or king!  The kids love the pictures of the characters as they move up in stars.  
What apps do you use to challenge students?  Ready to try King of Math?  Check it out on itunes


  1. I have gotten so many awesome new apps from your post! Thanks so much for sharing and keeping us updated! This is perfect for my classroom as I have a few real "smarty-pants" students and I know they will love the challenge as this gets more difficult!

    Learning to the Core

    1. You are welcome! I love how this app has so many different levels!

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