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Friday, February 28, 2014

2 Addition Fact Penguin Game FREEBIES for the iPad

This week I have been busy working on my penguin themed math unit.  Last week, I shared with you the computer game Place the Penguin which has been an excellent way to work on place value concepts and expanded notation.

This week as we have moved our focus a bit to addition and subtraction word problems in the penguin context, I noticed some of my students still need work on fact fluency.

Here is one of the penguin word problems we did this week

Here are two iPad apps I found by searching the app store.  What you see here is from the free version but both do offer additional levels for a small fee.  My students have been very happy with the free versions this week so I have not yet upgraded to the paid version.  We will see what next week brings.

Penguin Math

This simply shows a fact and gives 4 answer choices.  Students touch the iceberg with the answer and if it is correct, the penguin hops to it.  They do about 10 problems and then cross the finish line.  The free version includes addition facts to 10.  For a $1.99 fee you get all 4 operations and can set the max numbers used up to 10,000.  This would offer quite the range for skill practice in a variety of grades.  
The questions is 5+3 and 4 answer choices are provided

The penguin will jump to the 9 iceberg if the student selects the correct answer 

Math Penguin Lite

The free version of this game is also all about addition and increases in difficulty as you get more answers correct.  You get 3 lives (the three little penguins in the bottom corner) and are out once you use up all your lives.  You see a problem and 3 answer choices and hop the the ice that has the correct answer.  If you choose the wrong answer you fall in the water and use up a life.  
Level 1 is mostly facts to 10

Another look at level 1

Level 2 is mostly facts to 20

Another look at level 2

Level 3 includes an extension of addition facts to larger numbers

Here is what happens when you get an answer wrong.

I have not found any penguin themed freebies for practicing subtraction facts but my students have been loving this subtraction fact game!
This is a great way to practice subtraction facts.  It is a freebie at my TPT store!

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