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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Teaching Math with You Tube Videos: Coins

Recently I posted some of my favorite songs and videos about shapes, counting, fractionsmultiplication,  time and area and perimeter.and now I am happy to share a few of my favorite videos for practicing coins and money.

Most of the videos I choose are songs so that I can get kids up and out of their seats moving around.  My students are loving these as quick movement breaks and because the weather has been so cold and icy, it has been a great way to get kids some of the extra movement they have been missing due to indoor recess.  These videos are ones I use in grades 1-3 with a few being ones I show to Kindergarten even though we don't spend a ton of time on money at that level.

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Show Me The Money

This video has a little bit of everything from coin recognition to coin value and combinations of coins that make others.  This is a fairly new video and includes pictures of the new versions of coins.  It is by one of my longtime favorite educational song writers, Jack Hartmann.

The Coin Song

This video reviews the name and values of the coins and also gets into how many of each coin it takes to make the other coins and the dollar.  It is also a great review of counting by 5's and 10's.

Coin Value Song- Pennies, Nickles, Dimes, Quarters

This song is easy for kids to sing along with and is a great way to practice the coin names and values

The Coin song- A U.S. Coin Song for Children

This one is short and sweet.  It is just over 30 second long.  I like to play it as a race to clean up and transition to the next activity.  When my student hear this come on, they see if they can be picked up and back in their seats ready to go before it stops.

The Money Song

Many thanks to The Math Spot for sharing this one with me! 

Hey Honey Bunny!  I know my Money

Thanks to a blog reader for sharing this one! Be warned, you will be singing this song ALL DAY LONG! 


This one has lots of details! 

Another One from Jack Hartmann: The Money Song! 

Do you have any favorite videos or songs for practicing coin values, coin names, or counting coins?

Check out these other ideas for teaching money!

This post was updated on 6/29/2020.  As of this date all the links were working! 


  1. Those are great. I pinned each one. Thank you!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. There is nothing like a little singing and dancing to break up the monotony of a long winter.

  3. Thanks for sharing yours! I just posted about my favorite YouTube money songs last week! Check out my post!


  4. Love this list! My favorite coin song is "The Money Song" it is addictive for sure!

    My first graders favorite.