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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Teaching Math with You Tube Videos: Addition Facts

Recently I posted some of my favorite songs and videos about shapes, counting, multiplication, coins, time, fractions, teen numbers and area and perimeter.  Today I want to share with you some videos about addition facts

When you Add with a Pirate

This video does a great job of introducing addition terminology such as sum.  It also shows the connection between a story problem and an addition equation.  Between the story problems, there is fun music and kids love pirates!

I Can Add Doubles (6-10 version)

This is a great song for adding doubles. 

I like to use this doubles video when students have doubles and neighbors number puzzles at workstations!

The Friends of 10

This is a great song for a very important topic!  I have written many times about easy activities to practice combinations of 10!  Check out this game or this one for free and fast ideas!

Addition Song For Kids

This one has some movement involved which is always good!  It also presents addition in the context of simple story problems. 

Doubles Song

You can't have to many ways to practice doubles!

Add 'Em Up

We are having a great time adding even move movement into our addition fact practice with our new Movin' It Math Cards
Looking for more ways to practice addition facts?  Check out these iPad apps or this computer game!


  1. Thanks, Tara! Do you have any for fact families?

    Not very fancy

  2. Ooh thank you! I can hardly wait to check these out!

  3. If you are on GoNoodle, you can add these videos to your account! Super easy to find & play w/o actually going on YouTube to search.

    1. Thanks Terri! That would be so convenient for people! I will have to give it a try.