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Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Blog Design!

Hi all!  I am so excited to show off my new blog design done by Ruby Slippers Blog Design.  After just over a year of blogging, I was ready to get rid of the generic template and make my blog more personalized and fun!  I have big plans to make my blog even better in the next few months and will be adding a lot to my other pages that you now see displayed at the top.  

The Math Maniac

To celebrate this big change, I want to highlight 10 of my most popular blog posts from the last year.  If you haven't already, you might want to check them out!

My MOST POPULAR Monday Math Literature was a recent one on learning to make circle graphs using the story Tiger Math

My new series on Teaching Math with You Tube Videos has also been immensely popular.  The fan favorite so far has been the ones about Area and Perimeter.  

A topic very close to my heart is making sure kids know their combinations of 10 so I am thrilled with the response I have received to this post on using technology to practice combinations of 10.

Here is a simple and quick way to increase numeracy in your students.  A very popular but short and sweet post about making subitizing cards and double flap dot cards with your students.  So easy to do!

For teachers of students in grades 4-7, here is a must read post on using the area model to teach multiplication of mixed numbers.

Here is my most popular post about math apps to use in the classroom.  These two apps are still some of the most used apps on my iPad

Place value and counting activities are so important in grades K-2, here is a super popular post about all the ways I use place value decks in the primary classrooms

I write about how I use formative assessment a lot on this blog but here is my most popular post on the basics of formative assessment.  

This post about Common Core standards for first and second grade fractions has been amazingly popular.  I have some definite opinions based on research that I have read and my own experiences about teaching fractions.  This will give you some things to think about!

Posted EXACTLY one year ago today, my ideas for increasing additive reasoning using dice has been by far the most popular post on my blog.  It currently has over 9,000 views!  There are ideas for grades K-6.  Easy and low prep, a teacher favorite!

What blog posts have been your favorite?  Please respond in the comments below!


  1. Well, I have to say that I have just recently found your blog so I still can't tell you what blog post is my favorite. I can say that I'll start out by reading two of them: the one on formative assessments and the one on using videos.

    Your new blog design looks great and I love the colors!


    1. Formative assessment is such a HUGE part of being a good teacher!

  2. Your new blog design looks fabulous! Congrats!

  3. Super and colorful new blog design - LOVE it! Wow!

    1. I love the teal color with the red. Not something I EVER would have thought of myself.

  4. Love your new design. :)