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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hopping into Spring: Fun with Place Value, Reading Numbers, 10 Frames and Addition

It finally feels like spring and I couldn't be more excited to get the extra time outside and to stop wearing a coat and boots!  With spring break coming to a close and the end of the year in sight, it is very important for me to make sure kids stay engaged and have the skills they need.  I want to share with you today some resources I use in Kindergarten and first grade as spring comes to keep the kids engaged and learning the skills that are most important.

10 Frames and Combinations of 10

I have written before about how much I use 10 frames in the classroom, the importance of kids knowing combinations of 10,  and some of my favorite iPad apps for practicing these skills.  I created this set of 10 frames with frogs and flowers to use at the end of the year to make sure kids have the skills they need.  Want these 10 frames for your own classroom?  You can head to this post and get them for FREE

Here I practice combinations of 10 with a K student
Here I use a full ten frame with a partial one to talk with a second grader about combinations of 20.  

Recognizing Numbers

Another important skill for primary students is the ability to recognize numbers.  I use arrow cards, extend that to place value, work specifically on numbers over 100 and seize teachable moments.  Despite my best intentions this time of year my formative assessments are still showing me that some kids still don't have the number recognition skills they need.  

To address these ideas at the end of the school year while still keeping kids engaged, I created 3 different versions of I have, who has

Level 1 includes just numbers up to 20.  This is a great version to play with kids who are still a bit shaky on their teen numbers.  

Level 2 has numbers up to 100 with an emphasis placed on numbers that typically challenge students such as 19 versus 91 and 16 versus 60.

Level 3 has numbers up to 120.  This is a great version to play with students who need a bit more practice with those numbers between 100 and 120.  

Addition Facts

I have a few fun spring ways to work on addition facts.  Making sure kids know their doubles is the first step for learning some of the harder facts.  I do this by using a simple doubles game that just takes a dice and some bingo chips.

First I make sure kids can double numbers from 1-6

Next we move onto doubling numbers from 5-10
You can grab this doubles game for your students!  It is a freebie!

I also use my frog and flower themed true/false game to help solidify addition facts and ideas about equality.  

Place Value / Ordering and Comparing Numbers

I made these sweet base 10 cards and a few game to go with them that my K and first graders love using in the spring.  I also use these cards to do other place value activities.  As a busy teacher I love having one deck of cards that has multiple uses!

Kids love using this board to practice using the greater than and less than symbols.  
This year's group of first graders love bingo games!  Same deck of cards, another game!
What spring themes do you use in your classroom?  Please respond in the comments below!

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