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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Celebrating Pi Day

Each year I have a great time celebrating Pi day with my oldest students.  In the weeks leading up to Pi day, we do a simple lesson on measuring the diameter and circumference of a circle that helps them discover Pi.
Here is the record sheet I made for my students to use.  Click here to grab this record sheet and my lesson plan from google drive (FREE).  You can also get access to this printable and 19 other March MATH freebies as part of the Ultimate Math March Bundle FREEBIE

Here are some of the other ways we celebrate Pi day.

Activities and Videos

Mathematical Pi Song

Lose Yourself in the Digits of Pi


This is a fun book from the Sir Cumference Series.  It is a picture book that the students love and it reinforces the idea of the circumference being a little more than three times the diameter.  My student love this book so much that a few years ago I had a group of students who re-wrote the book as a play and ever since there has been a group of students who perform the play as part of our Pi Day festivities.  

This is a book I share with interested students.  It answers many of the questions my students come up with about Pi.  It is written in an easy to read way and tells some about the history of Pi, stories about people's obsessions over Pi and different ways Pi has been used. 

Novelty Items

Over the years I have collected and made with students many novelty items for Pi day
This was a gift from a student several years ago.  It is fun for making a pi day dessert.  I am not a big pie maker, but for pi day, I like to make an exception. 

This is my Pi Day t-shirt.  It is awesome!  It really lets out my inner math geek and who doesn't love an excuse to wear a t-shirt to work? Every year there are more pi themed shirts to choose from. 

These are a necessity when we do make your own Pi day t-shirts.  I have students bring in a light colored t-shirt from home or purchase a large pack of white undershirts.  Then they decorate their t-shirts with a giant Pi symbol and facts about pi.  Everyone wears them on Pi day and it makes fpr a great group picture.

Digits of Pi contest

Every year, we have kids who are super interested in reciting the digits of Pi.  I share a quick video like this one

Then I print and copy a list of the first few hundred digits of Pi and the kids who are really interested spend a lot of at home practicing.  

The 2020 bundle of bundles is on sale now only until Monday!  This is almost $300 worth of resources for grades 3-5 for just $19!  It includes my QR code scavenger hunt BUNDLE and great math bundles from some of my internet friends! 

How do you celebrate Pi Day with your students?  Please leave ideas or links in the comments below!


  1. Sounds like you will have a great day on Friday! I love the Sir Cumference books! Would have loved to see your kids act it out. Never thought of that, great integration of drama and math!

    Happy Pi Day!
    Teaching Math by Hart

    1. It was one of my students' ideas a few years ago. It is always a highlight of the day!