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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

If you are anything like me than you have 50 blogs you follow and try to keep up with.  Between all the things that happen in everyday life, I have been so far behind on reading other teacher's ideas recently.  With most of us teachers still on holiday vacation, now is the perfect time to catch up on all your favorite blogs.  2014 was a big here here at The Math Maniac.  Things got looking a lot more professional over here after having my blog design done by Barbara Leyne Designs.  I have been very dedicated to blogging this year and am just a few short of 200 posts for 2014.  Without further ado, here are my top 5 most viewed posts for 2014.  If you want to check the posts out in their entirety, just click on the picture! 

This one is a tie with 2 very popular posts.  One of them is very popular among primary teachers and the other is very popular for upper elementary and middle school teachers

This one was part of The Fly on The Math Teacher's Wall blog hop that I did with a bunch of math blogging buddies.  This time the theme was place value.  Stay tuned in 2015 for more of these blog hops! 

2014 will forever be the year of the QR code.  This is the year when I really spent some time thinking about how QR codes fit into the classroom and created many scavenger hunts for my students using them.  Of course not all classrooms I am in have enough digital devices so this post is all about how we use QR codes when there is only one or two devices available to the students.

This is a Monday Math Literature post that got repinned and shared so many times!  It was the first time I ever had kids use their bodies to create a circle graph and it really helped kids see how bar graphs and circle graphs are related. 

My most viewed blog post of the year is this fun little set of number sticks I made this summer!  These are great for pre-K and primary kids! 

Head over to Ideas by Jivey or Elementary Matters to see more top blog posts from 2014!

Happy new year to all and I look forward to bringing you more math in 2015! You can also connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest and over at TPT

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