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Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Math Literature: Place Value Story Problems with Snowmen at Night

Happy Monday!  Today's post isn't getting done until late because I have been enjoying my vacation a little to much!  If you are still on vacation, I hope you are enjoying your final days and if you are already back to school, I hope your return went smoothly.   I will be finishing up our book study on Children's Mathematics this Sunday and I have some great plans for January including a book study on Number Talks.
If you have been following along with our Children's Mathematics book study and the past few Monday Math Literature posts than you know we have been looking at the importance of using multiplication and division story problems with primary students as a way to develop base-10 place value concepts.  This week, I once again choose one of my favorite winter stories to write some multiplication and measurement division story problems focusing on place value concepts.  These are meant to be used with primary students!  This week, I picked a new favorite, Snowmen at Night by 
Caralyn Buehner

If you have not read this book, you really should!  It is a great story for stretching kids' imaginations.  It is about what snowmen do after it gets dark and why they end up looking shorter, crooked or missing some parts.  It is a fun book to read aloud because it is written poem style and the illustrations are a lot of fun.

I wrote two multiplication and two division problems based on this story to use with primary students.  I again focused on place value ideas and wrote 3 of the problems to be about grouping into 10's.  

You can grab a free printable copy of these problems from Google Drive!
If you missed the last 2 week's installments of Monday Math Literature, you might want to head over to read more and grab more freebies! I did The Mitten and The Bear Snores On.  You can grab a set of problems to go with each book.  

If your students are working on equality or addition facts, or you are looking for more snowman themed math, you might want to check out my Addition Fact Equality product.  


  1. Another terrific set of story problems! By the way, there's no such thing as "enjoying your vacation a little too much", just relax and have fun!

    1. I have enjoyed it so much! I think this has been one of the best vacations ever!

  2. I am really interested in the number talks study!! I started using that book this year!
    Curious firsties

    1. I have cheated a bit and started reading it because I really couldn't wait. I LOVE it!