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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reindeer 10 Take Away: A Common Core Game for Subtracting From 10

It is so important for primary students to be fluent with combinations of 10.  I have been hard at work with my first graders working on this concept and trying to get them to fluency with this idea.  My favorite way to do this is a lot of little games that work on this big idea.

With the holidays coming up, I find themed games to be much more engaging for kids.  Because I have been working on subtracting from 10 with my first graders and I have a few kiddos who still don't have the understanding and fluency that I would like to see, I made a quick, easy and cute game to give them the extra practice they need.  You can grab it for free!

This game uses a 10 frame and reindeer counters to support developing understanding of subtracting from 10 and support the idea of combinations of 10
A pair of students playing and recording.  I also have had many students who want to play themselves and fill in the entire record sheet on their own. 
This student is playing using a 10 sided dice.  You can also use 10 frame cards or regular playing cards or the included reindeer cards.  I find these dice to be my go to choice because there is no prep work involved and they get used over and over again throughout the year.  

If your kids need more work on subtraction and combinations of 10, head over to TPT and and grab this freebie!


  1. Thanks for this fabulous freebie! It's perfect for a lot of my first graders right now. I can't wait to use it with them.
    First Grade Found Me

    1. You are welcome! I has about 7 first graders who really needed more practice on this asked on our last assessment. I added it to math stations at the beginning of the week and the whole class loves it! Hope your students enjoy it as much as mine do.

    2. This will be great for my math RtI group of firsties! Thanks for making it a freebie.