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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Double Digit Addition QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Are your students working on two digit addition?  I have been working on this concept in both second and third grade the last few weeks and decided to create a QR code scavenger hunt to give them the extra practice they need.  Because we have been having quite a bit of winter weather, I decided to make it snowman themed.  There is nothing like cute clip art to make kids think they are doing something special!  With vacation just days away, I knew I needed something fun and engaging to help kids get through this week and still have the opportunity to practice math.  Looking for more ideas on helping kids with double digit addition?  Check out this post about quick easy and free games you can use with your students.

The perfect thing for a wiggly day!  I did this with my third graders and will be doing it with second graders later this winter!
When not in use, I like to keep my QR code scavenger hunts organized in a folder.  Multiple copies of record sheets, the answer key and the cards ready to go when I need them.  

Students scan the start card using a QR code reader (there are many free ones available in the app store)  They need a digital device with a camera such as a tablet, iPad, smart phone, iPod etc.  
A student works on her scavenger hunt.  
Ready to try this with your students?  Head over to TPT!

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