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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Favorite Apps: Line 'em up and Count on It

Line 'em Up

A great and FREE app that I find myself using over and over again with K-2 students is Line 'em up.  It is a great way to work with students on ordering sequential numbers under 200.  The options pages allows you to vary things such as the number of cards that need to be put in order, the starting number and the range of numbers (from 0-200).  You can also further customize it by changing the way the tiles are displayed.  

Here is a great set for working on bridging the decade and century marks.  The display is currently set to one pile so kids have to place the card they are given before they get another.  After a student has put all of the cards in order, I have them read the numbers from least to greatest and then in most cases also from greatest to least.
Here is an easier set that starts at 24.  They go as easy as starting at 0 (which is where most of my K kids are functioning this time of year!)  Again I have kids read the numbers from least to greatest and if they are ready also from greatest to least. 
Here is a more challenging set that I use with first and second graders (and sometimes older students in need of intervention!)  The option this time is set to spread out and students can pick and choose cards as they see fit. 
This app is yet another way to practice comparing and ordering numbers.  If your students struggle with this app, you may want to start with my 0-120 place value cards where your students will benefit from visual models of base 10 pieces. 

Want to read more about this?  Check out this post!
If your students get really good at comparing and ordering numbers under 200, you may want to move them towards ordering numbers under 1000.  Check out this post to learn more about how I do this with my students!

Count on It

This is another great free app that is great to differentiate for grades K-3.  It has an abacus that is similar to The Number Rack App I talked about last week but not as easy to differentiate so I find myself using other aspects of this app more. 

My favorite feature of this app is called quick add and it is a great way to work on fluency with adding 2 or more numbers.  You can also choose 1 ten frame and I often do this to have K kids work on instantly recognizing quantities.  You can also adjust the number of seconds students get to perform the calculation. 

A look at adding 2 ten frames.  Notice the way the student might think about adding 8 and 5 by pulling the 5 out of the 8 and seeing 10 and 3 more. 
A way to use this app for kids at a higher level.  I love how this pushes kids to think in groups of ten.
Looking for more ways to expose your students to 10 frames?  Check out this post!

These apps are both developed by classroom focused software
What are your favorite math apps?


  1. Some day if I have ipads in my classroom, I'm all over this!
    ❀ Tammy
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    1. So far I only have one, but I use it all day long!