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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Using Dominoes for Subitizing

Last week, I posted here about two games I was working on with some K students who were struggling to connect pictures to numerals and words.  This week I was again working with the same students and decided they still needed a little more practice, so I made up this activity.

Here is what you need:
-The first 6 cards from the Numbers to 120 Place Value Deck
- Some double-six dominoes
- A piece of cardstock or paper (I used fancy scissors on the edge of mine because they were what was handy!)
- A handful of 2 color counters

Here are a few simple steps:

Step 1: give the student 6-10 dominoes and have them place them face down in front of them.  You can choose the dominoes randomly or more strategically depending on what you want them to work on. Also give them the cardstock with a line down the middle which will be their blank domino for building on and a handful of counters.

Step 2: Student flips over a domino and builds what he or she sees on one side and then the other.

Step 3: Student finds the matching numeral cards and places them below each side of the domino.

Repeat the steps until all the dominoes are used!  Simple, fun and effective!  

Click here to check out this post about the games I used leading up to this activity!

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