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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Decimal Operations QR Code Scavenger Hunt

I have been working hard with my sixth graders on decimal operations this fall.  We have looked at models and developed conceptual understanding and are now working toward procedural fluency.  As we were wrapping up our decimal unit and getting ready to move onto fractions, I wanted to provide kids a fun way to get a little more practice with all of the decimal operations.

This summer I started using an iPad and playing around with QR codes.  I spent some time learning how they are used and how to generate my own.  I decided to design a QR code scavenger hunt and since I am loving this fall weather (and the fun fall clip art I have!) I made them fall themed.  We did the scavenger hunt in the gym last week and the kids had so much FUN!!!  They acted like it was a great and interesting adventure when it was really just routine practice.  I see a lot of QR codes in their futures!  There are even a few students who have been making up their own scavenger hunts using QR codes and are having a great time sharing them with their classmates!

I decided to do this activity in the gym and really get kids moving around.  I would have liked to do it outside as track math but the weather did not cooperate with me.  I spread the cards out on the floor around the perimeter of the gym.  Kids grabbed clip boards and pencils.  I created a record sheet to go with this activity that I absolutely love but ended up not using it because my pile of scrap paper (copy paper that is printed on one side and no longer useable for whatever reason) had really been piling up and I like to recycle when possible.

I borrowed a few iPhones and a student brought their iPod touch as well as using my iPad and a few other tablets.  The kids got into groups of 3-4 and got busy.  I did stagger their start times a bit so that they wouldn't all be crowded around the same card at the same time.  

Students work on the QR code scavenger hunt while getting great practice with decimal operations.
 The kids had a great time and did a fantastic job of working together.  When they disagreed on an answer, they worked together to check each others work and come to a consensus. They thought this was amazing and keep asking to do it again.  I have already started creating more QR code scavenger hunts for these and other students.

We went green and recycled scrap paper instead of using our record sheet.  These are very honest kids and not to large of a class so I was still able to monitor their progress very nicely despite not using the record sheet I created.
A student scans a QR code while group mates look on.  The person with the digital device got named team captain and took their job very seriously.  I did not have to take a device away from any student. 
My folder with everything I could ever want with this product.  I have record sheets, an answer key and my follow up homework as well as a check-in/quiz all copied and ready to go

Here is my QR code scavenger hunt organized and ready to go in its own folder.  Check out this post for more ideas about keeping task cards and similar items organized and ready to go.

Ready to try this with your students?  Head over to TPT and get yours right now!

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