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Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Math Literature Volume 13

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A great K-2 topic to introduce or reinforce with math literature is the idea of odd and even.  Here are the two books I use to discuss this idea with kids!

This is a Hello Math Reader and is a great book to use in literature circles or to have in kid's book boxes.  It is easy to read and very engaging.  Even Steven and Odd Todd are cousins and each like things their own way.  Steven likes everything to be in even numbers and Todd likes everything to be in odd numbers.  When they have to spend time together, things get tricky!

One student I worked with several years ago loved this book so much, he found Even Steven's Odd Game and put it on his Christmas list.  The game seemed to really help him with addition and subtraction facts.  There is something very catchy about the title!

A great picture book with very sweet illustrations that also talks about odd and even is

In this book Kirby and Emma are farmers that live next door to each other.  Emma's cows keep leaving her herd and getting mixed in with Kriby's cows.  Since the cows all look the same, they decide to split them up equally and one person will get the odd numbered cows and one will get the even numbered cows.  By the end of the story they get stuck trying to divide up 5 cows equally so they decide to get married and instead of dividing the cows, they start multiplying.  It is a very cute story and really gets at the odd, even pattern in our counting numbers.

What math literature books do you use to teach odd and even?

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