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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Teaching Math With You Tube Videos: Subtraction Facts

In the past few years,  I have posted some of my favorite songs and videos about shapescountingmultiplicationcoinstimefractionsteen numbersarea and perimeter and addition facts.  I try to keep these posts up to date with the latest songs and videos I am using with my students.  They are a great way to get a little movement break while still working on important math concepts. These little movement breaks have been super important as we have transitioned from summer vacation back to school 5 days a week.  I forget how busy the back to school season can be and now that things are finally calming down, it is so nice to be back to sharing things with you on my blog. 

This week, I have had subtraction on the brain as we have been working on subtraction in the fact range in both grades 1 & 2. We are are playing a lot of games, using the same deck of cards over and over.  When kids master one deck of cards, I change them out for a more challenging set but the rules of the games don't change.  This really helps me personalize learning! 
Movin' It Math Subtraction Facts to 20 Cards

We have been getting tons of movement in playing Movin' It Math but today I want to share with you some of the other ways we have been using movement and music to practice subtraction facts.  

When You Subtract With a Pirate

This catchy tune from Harry Kindergarten Music gets at two big ideas for subtraction.  It includes the word difference and talks about how you are getting less.  There are some great examples, all with facts in the under 10 range. 

Subtraction Song for Kids

This song from Jack Hartmann is a great way to get kids up and moving.  This song is easy to sing along and dance with.  All examples are facts under 10. 

Subtraction Halving Numbers Math Song

This song is a great way to look at the half facts for numbers up to 24.  It is produced by Dream English Kids which is a You Tube channel that is very new to me. 

My Dog Subtraction

This video uses the "take away" and "minus" language. 

One Less Number Game

Another great song from Jack Hartmann, this one is based on the idea of one less.  Numbers go up to 100.  

Adding and Subtracting

Another Harry Kindergarten Music song!  This one has a lot of different language in it and highlights the differences between addition and subtraction.  

Do you have a favorite song/video for teaching subtraction? Please share in the comments below!

Looking for more work on subtraction facts? This cards can be used in 11 different ways and are an excellent way to increase subtraction fact strategies and fluency! You can use them to work on facts to 10 or facts to 20!

Movin' It Math Subtraction Facts to 10 Cards

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  1. I used to like using math videos too! It looks you found some really great ones!