Monday, February 9, 2015

I {Heart} My Followers Giveaway

This week I am thinking about all of the things I love!  Next week it will be two years since I started this blog and I have to say I love blogging!  I love talking about what is happening in the classroom and the research I am reading.  I love connecting with wonderful teachers all over the country and I love all the things I have learned on this journey.  Today I am taking a few minutes to say thanks to all my followers and everyone who has been with me on this wild ride.  I am linking up with some of my newest blogger friends to bring you the I {Heart} My Followers Mega Giveaway!  I will be giving away 2 different prize packs containing some of my favorite things and then you can click on the links at the bottom of this post to check out more great giveaways.

Teaching With Music

I absolutely love teaching with music and some of the most read posts on my blog are from my Teaching Math with You Tube videos series.  I have been using music in my teaching for years but You Tube has really stepped it up to the next level.  Recently, I found Jack Hartmann's You Tube channel and added a few more to my repertoire.  Here are a few of my new favorites


I have had the Every 1 Counts CD that this song came from for a few years but seeing it as a video really helped my students get the song!

Lets Get Fit Count to 100

A really fun way to get a movement break and counting practice together.  Makes a great transition!

The Coin Song

My students' new favorite song for coin value and recognition! 

These are my favorite math videos but there are also some great videos for teaching literacy concepts over on Jack Hartmann's You Tube channel.

Using Card Games for Classroom Instruction and Intervention

I love card games!  I have created several decks of cards over the past 3 years and now I use these cards over and over again to play all kinds of games with kids.  About 80% of my intervention time with students is spent using one of these decks of cards to play a huge variety of games.  The best part is how much time, money and paper I save by using the same materials over and over again.  

Playing a game with 10 frame cards

A roll and add game with 20 frame cards

Working on non-sequential ordering and reading 3 digit numbers with the Numbers to 120 place value deck

Playing 100 less/100 more with the numbers to 1000 deck.  
These 4 decks of cards help me take games and make them fun and engaging interventions that include visual models to support students who are still developing a conceptual understanding.  

QR Code Scavenger Hunts

If I had not started blogging, I am not sure I ever would have thought about using QR codes with students.  My QR code scavenger hunts have taken routine (and rather boring) practice and made it engaging, active and fun.  If you haven't tried QR code scavenger hunts, read more about them here.
A free multiplication fact QR code scavenger hunt.  

Students work together to solve one step equations using QR codes

Giveaway Time!

Now it is time to show how much I {heart} my followers!  I will be giving away some of these things I love the most!  I have put together 2 prize packs.  One is best from primary teachers and the other for upper elementary.  If you teach many grades or work with younger and older students feel free to register for both giveaways!

Primary Prize Pack

Digital files including 4 of my most popular decks of cards with activity sets.  You get the 10 frame cards, 20 frame cards, numbers to 120 place value deck and the numbers to 1000 place value deck.  Each deck includes a variety of activities to meet the needs of your students.
Four different Jack Hartmann math cds including Every 1 Counts, Math All Around Me, Math in Motion and Movin' 2 Math.  These CDs are full of fun math songs that will get your students moving and learning and having fun with math.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Upper Elementary Giveaway

You choice of 4 QR code scavenger hunts from my store.  I have many to chose from including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and solving equations.  
Multiply by Music CD by Jack Hartmann.  My students love singing along and dancing to these songs while practicing their multiplication facts.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for being a part of my journey!  Head over to these lovely blogs for more giveaways and freebies!


  1. Wow Jack Hartmann has soooo many songs so this is hard! I'd love to see something on counting tally marks (my students really struggle with this).

  2. Yeah, I agree with Karyn. Very hard to choose:) Perhaps number identification to 100. I still have kids struggling with that.

    1. Here is a new count to 100 video that might help. It's a slower paced song and video on counting to 100 by 1's with large numbers on the screen. I made the odd and even numbers different colors to help children identify the difference and made the tens red with a circle around them. I hope you like it.

  3. I love them all...not sure what he could do to improve! LOL Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I have used QR codes, but not as a scavenger hunt. You have introduced me to a fabulous resource in Jack Hartmann!!!!

  5. Love Jack's songs. How about a place value song...hundreds, tens, and ones.

  6. You are such a wealth of great information, Math Maniac!!

  7. maybe something that combines brain gym with skip counting

  8. I really love your blog!

    1. I would like to see place value song.

  9. Love, love, love QR Codes/Scavenger Hunts!! :) Had never heard of Jack's songs...thanks so much for introducing me to them!! I would have to agree with Janis value songs. :)

  10. thanks for sharing Jack Hartmans page. I have used his CD for a long time. But honestly had not thought about looking him up on facebook@!

  11. Great post! I have never heard of Jack Hartmann and will be checking him out... Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  12. Jack Hartmann has great songs! I'd like one for place value, starting with the ones and continuing, so if you don't teach to the thousands, ten thousands, etc. you could stop it when/if needed.

  13. Maybe this exists and I just don't know as I am just learning of jack, maybe ten frames for teens or tally marks??

  14. You have many great ideas! Thanks for sharing abou Jack Hartmann.