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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Number Puzzle Fun!

Over the last few months, I have been creating and using number puzzles with students.  I started with creating a few for some first graders who were struggling with some big number concepts.  The kids enjoyed these so much, I created another set when we started working on telling time to the hour and half hour.  I loved how easy these were to print and use.  They make a great little workstation for whole group situations as well as being a good tool for anyone who needs or provides intervention.  I have also found them to be great to send home for a little extra practice in a fun non-threatening way.  I created several more versions for the first graders.  From there, as other students and teachers saw the fun the first graders were having with their number puzzles I got requests to make number puzzles for other primary skills.  As of right now, I have made a set for Kindergarten, first and second grades.  Take a look!


A Kindergartener matches numerals and 20 frames.  You can grab this number puzzle set for free here!

These are great as a solo activity or with partners!

The Kindergarten bundle is available now!  It includes 7 different number puzzles.  Each one has a follow up worksheet for formative assessment

First Grade
A first grader works on subtracting from 10.

Here is a look at one students' work on the follow up sheet.  This one was given as formative assessment to see who still needed more small group work and who was ready to move on.

A pair of students works together to solve time to the hour and half hour problems.  I love how students know instantly that they are wrong when the puzzle does not fit together.  They are very good at asking for help when this happens!

The visual images on the number puzzles support students who still need a visual model or conceptual development

Another follow up sheet!

These are super easy to put in a top loading folder and let kids take home.  You can include the follow up worksheet like I did here or send just the puzzle.  

The First grade bundle includes 10 puzzles with follow up worksheets.  It includes skills like time, place value, addition, subtraction and base 10 numbers. Want a set to try for FREE?  Grab the Doubles and Neighbors number puzzle set for free here!

Second Grade

Second graders work on counting mixed coins.  This puzzle is available in 2 versions, US coins and Canadian coins.   You can grab the US coins version for FREE here!

A follow up sheet for the coin puzzle

Second graders work on time to the 5 minutes

The second grade bundle includes 10 puzzles working on skills such as coins, clocks, place value, addition and subtraction facts as well as double digit addition and adding 10 and 100 to numbers under 1000!
You can grab one puzzle at each grade level for FREE!!!!  Just click on the link to the product page and select download preview.  Each preview contains one complete number puzzle and follow up sheet that is yours to use for free.  I hope your students enjoy these as much as mine have!


  1. Love these! Any time you can turn a math concept into a game, you will win over your students!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Teaching Math by Hart