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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fun and Free iPad Apps: Multiples

 I love using the iPad with kids of all ages.  Today I want to share with you an app I have been using in grades 3-5.  It is made by Math Tappers, the same company that made find sums.  It is called Multiples.  When I heard about this app from a colleague and searched for it in the app store it did not come up.  I had to open safari, do a search for it using a search engine and then it took me to the app store.  When I posted about find sums, several people had trouble finding it in the app store as well so be prepared to do a liittle searching.

Like other apps by Math Tappers, the best part is how many options there are.  This allows me to differentiate the app to meet individual students' needs and to use it with a broader range of grades. It also keeps the app interesting and engaging to students because it changes just enough to keep them interested.

Here is the top part of the settings page.  The model setting can be apples (easier) or part whole (more challenging).  If you select the apples model, your students will see a model for each problem.  This will be an array/area model and is a great starting point for conceptual understanding.  Check out this book for more about using models to build conceptual understanding of multiplication!

Scroll down the options screen a bit and you will be able to select a focus factor, change the mode from multiplication to division and pick a range for the other factor.  All of this allows you to set the app so that is is just right for a student.

Here is a look at an apples setting with a focus factor of 6.  Notice how the student can see two groups of 6 and could use a variety of strategies to figure out the answer. 
Apples with a focus factor of 9
Apples set to division with a focus factor of 4
Part whole with a focus factor of 8
More part whole with a focus factor of 8

Part whole division

So far, I have used this app in grades 3-5.  I may end up using it in grade 2 as well because we will be working on arrays and basic multiplication ideas.  This app would complement the array work that is done in my grade 2 number puzzles quite well.  

What apps do you use for teaching/practicing multiplication?  Please respond in the comments below!

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