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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Math Literature Volume 44

Last week I shared Seeing Symmetry, one of my favorite Loreen Leedy books.  This week I want to share another of her books with you.  This one has a slightly different flavor than her other books because it does not focus on one math topic but rather on the importance of knowing and understanding numbers.  It is a classic tale of when we use math in our lives. 

In this story, the numbers in the town disappear.  There is no counting, addresses, telephone numbers or telling time.  No one can keep score, pay for things, measure or use the computer.  A thief has vacuumed up all of the numbers.  When all the numbers disappear, the people in the town realize how much their lives depend on numbers.
This story is super engaging and like other Loreen Leedy books, the illustrations are fantastic.  I tend to use this book in grades K-4 at the beginning and ending of the school year as a reminder about why numbers are important and why we need math.  This book caries a message similar to that of the Math Curse but for a younger audience. 

How do you get the message across to your students that number and math are an important part of life?  Please respond in the comments below!

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