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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Writing Fractions and Decimals as Percents

In sixth grade, we have been working hard on rate and proportion problems and have recently moved onto percent.  With the Common Core in place I find that I get to do a lot more proportional reasoning with sixth graders than I have in the past.  One part of proportional reasoning that I have always loved teaching is working with percent problems.

We most recently have been working on converting between different forms of numbers.  My students have done a great job developing their conceptual understanding and moving between forms.  We are now working on fluency with these skills.  Instead of another worksheet, I created a QR code scavenger hunt

The students were very engaged and were able to practice an important skill.  They have put in several requests for other QR code scavenger hunts.  I even had kids who wanted to take the cards home to show their families how QR codes work.  This classroom has several digital devices that can use QR code readers and we also allow students to bring in their own devices.  This gives us enough devices that the entire class can do the scavenger hunt at the same time if kids work in pairs.

A student uses a digital device to complete the scavenger hunt

I really liked looking at the record sheets when kids were done.  It helped me to see who was doing these problems fluently in their heads and who still needed to do intermediate steps. 

A look at a student who needed to do some conversion work on paper and even some sketching

A student who was able to do most of the problems in his head.

Students will complete this at the beginning of class tomorrow.  It will give me one more look at which kids I need to target during instruction time.  I love formative assessment!
Want to try this with your own students?  
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  1. My students LOVE anything with QR codes too- their engagement is just amazing when those QR codes come out! I liked seeing how you use them with older students- it is always a good sign when students ask to take something home to show their families! :)

    Learning to the Core

    1. Kids of all ages seem to be super engaged by these. I love how it makes routine practice fun and exciting!