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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fantastic and Free App: Math Monster Bingo

Don't you just love a free app that is easy to differentiate for your students.  This one is a keeper, I have used in in grades 1-4 because it has several levels and offers practice with all 4 basic operations at three different levels.

Operations is set to subtraction, level is beginner.  Addition on bingo looks very similar.  They are facts to 10 and and are fantastic for first graders and even Kindergartners the second half of the year
Again set on subtraction, this time intermediate level.  I love using this with second graders and some third grade intervention kids I see.  Where the monsters are on the game board are answer we have already got.  We are working towards getting a bingo!
The hardest level of subtraction.  I have used this as a partner game for some advanced second graders.  They are developing some good strategies but it takes them a while to play.  It is great for third graders and up to work on subtraction and fluency.
These 3 levels look similar for addition.

There is also multiplication and division

Level 1 for addition is what I would consider the lower level "Facts."  Great for second graders who are excited about learning to multiply and third graders who are just learning the basics.  
Level 2 for multiplication is what I consider the upper level facts.  These are the ones that are less likely to be memorized and require more computation.  If your kids are really stuck on this level, here are some ideas for getting them going again.  
The most challenging level for multiplication extends the fact strategies into some bigger numbers.  Often one of the numbers will be in the fact range and the other will be just outside it.  Still doable for many third graders and something I want my fourth graders to be moving toward fluency on.  

The division levels are similar to the multiplication levels.

My favorite thing about this game is that it takes a traditional drill practice and makes it super engaging for students.  They also get immediate feedback when they get right or wrong answers which makes my job easier!

Can you think of a student who would benefit from this game?


  1. Thank you. I'm acquiring a great collection of math apps!

    1. You are welcome. I have some others I will be writing about soon. I find myself using more and more apps.

  2. Thank you so much! My 1st Graders will love it!

    1. My first graders love it as well. They love that they get to pick their own monster. I love that I can differentiate it for each one.