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Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Math Literature Volume 27

If you missed last week's post about great books for teaching time you can check it out here!

I work with many students in many grades of all different abilities.  One of the things I find most common is students who are ahead in math and finish their work early and correctly.  There is at least one of these in each classroom and with testing and standards and trying to get kids to meet the standards teachers have very little time to spend with these kids who are exceeding.  I like to provide these students and their teachers with some fun and engaging math problems to work on that will keep them interested and engaged.  Here is one of the books I often turn to in order to help out these teachers who have very little time but still want to help these students.

Here are some of the things that kids can explore in this six chapter book

- Secret codes
- Calculating the day of the week you were born, or what day Christmas will fall on
- Mobius strips
- Multiplying huge numbers
- Calculating endless pi
- Einstein's insane equations
- Fibonacci spirals 
- Sports statistics 
- Number magic

I have used this book with students who are exceeding the standard in grades 3-6.  There are also several problems I have done with whole classes in grades 5 and 6 from this book.  This is a great way to increase or keep engagement in math and to challenge your students who are ready for it!

Head over to volume 28 to read more about the Pigs will be Pigs math literature series.  

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