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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Frog and Flower 10 Frame: My first link up with Maniac Monday

Classroom freebies

Have you checked out the Classroom Freebies blog?  It is truly amazing how many great freebies they post each week.  I am linking up this week with their Maniac Monday to offer a set of FREE frog and flower 10 frames.  (as you can see from the pictures, I also use them as 5 frames and 20 frames)

I use these as 5 frames with my K kids, especially those who struggle
Here a first grader is practicing combinations of 10
I put a full 10 frame on top of a partial one and instantly have 20 frames.  I use these with kids  in grades K-2
I have many ideas about how to use 10 frames in the classroom to improve numeracy and additive reasoning.  Check them out!

Click Here to get your freebie!

Here are a few other things I use during my various frog units in grades K-2 and ANOTHER FREEBIE!

Here is a fun spring themed version of I have....who has that works on number recognition of numbers between 100 and 120

A fun way to work on using the <, >, and = symbols

A bingo game that works on matching numerals to base 10 pictures.

Here is a post about how I use the frog theme to work on equality
Here is a version of I have who has that works on number recognition to 100

Here is another freebie offered at 2 levels to work on addition fact doubles. 
Happy spring!