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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meeting Common Core Problem Solving Standards with Water Themed Picture Problems

I recently was using my water themed problem solving pictures in first grade and I thought I would talk some more about why I created these problems.  (They are available for FREE at my Tpt store: the link is on the bottom of this page!)

My students always need more practice with subtraction type problems at the end of grade 1 and beginning of grade 2.  This set includes a lot of those type of compare problems.  (see glossary table 1 in common core for more information)

I love whole page picture problems when working with small groups or the entire class.  They are very engaging and are good at pulling all students into the problem.  Here is a peek at a few of the problems (I print these in color on a full sheet of paper)

I also made them so that you can print them for student work pages.  The picture takes up about a fourth of the page and the rest of the space is white space for students to show their thinking and solve the problem.

All 12 problems can be printed as full page color illustrations or has student work pages

I also included a student work page that has a picture and asks students to write a story problem to match the picture.  This gets at a deeper understanding of the math required to solve the problems

Students write a story problem to match the picture

I always have kids who want to make up their own problems so I also included a blank background in the set so that kids can illustrate and write their own problems.  This also gives the class even more problems to solve!

Students illustrate and write their own problems
My students love these problems.  If you think your students will love them too, head on over to my Tpt store to grab your set for FREE!  If you use them and love them, be sure to follow me on Tpt so that you will see my newest products and freebies!

Looking for more themed problem solving for your first or second grade students?

Check out my Ant problems

A set of 10 problems that meet CCSS for grades 1 and 2 with a cute ant theme!
I also have penguin problems
Aligned to CCSS for grade 1.  Includes all problem types first graders are expected to  master under the Common Core

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