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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun and Free Computer Games: Halloween Math

This week I found a new game for working on fluency with kids.  Halloween Math is a great game for grades 2-6.  It is an excellent way to work on fact fluency in a game based setting.  This game will not help your students develop strategies but is a great way for them to practice strategies they have already developed on their way to becoming more fluent.  If you have a diverse range of students in your room, this game is great to help you differentiate because it looks like everyone is playing the same game but you can choose which operation each student is working on.   

Once you choose which operation you want to work on, a fact will appear at the top of the screen.  Several pumpkins will begin falling from the sky.  You use the arrow keys to move the ghost at the bottom of the screen and try to catch the pumpkin with the correct answer.   If you catch the wrong answer, you get to try again.  Watch out for the bat!  If the bat "gets" you, you lose a life and get bounced back to the left of the screen.

Head over to Smarty Games to check game out!