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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book Study Part 7: Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids

We are really getting into the big ideas of Whole Brain Teaching.  If you are checking out this book study for the first time, it is not to late to join in!  If you want to catch up, just grab a copy of the book and pick up where we are or go back and comment on past posts.  Here is the posting schedule.

Chapter 23: WBT and Critical Thinking

This chapter focuses on critical thinking which can also be thought of as creative thinking.  It introduces some gestures that can be used in the classroom during teach sessions that engage kid's  brains and help them think creatively.  This chapter left me feeling like I really needed to see this in action so I went searching for a video of WBT critical thinking and I found this gem:

This looks like a great way to get kids thinking critically! 

Chapter 24: Brain Toys

I had a difficult time imaginaing all of these with the short describtion given of each.  I again went to find a video and found this one of students working on equivalent fractions.  Several of the brain toys are illustrated in this video as well as some other WBT ideas.

Chapter 25: Smart Cards

These seem like a very simple and straightforward way to use formative assessment in the classroom!  
Chapter 26: Leadership Training and The Self Managing Class

To be a great teacher, you have to have your student's attention.  I love the ideas in this chapter about turning some of the routines and ideas over to leaders in the classroom and having a student led environment.  I think this has always been my ultimate goal.  A class led by students with a teacher there to guide the way.

Next week we will be finishing up this book and the week after we will be wrapping things up!

Have you seen any interesting videos on Whole Brain Teaching?  Please respond in the comments below!

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  1. I am loving WBT and I keep adding more strategies everyday. This video shows Nancy Stoltenberg (the director of certification at WBT) sharing lots of WBT ideas For a fantastic video of the kids using brainies, Farrah Shipley won with her 1st graders last year - it is amazing. The link is: