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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Math Literature Volume 53

Welcome to year 2 of Monday Math Literature!  If you missed last week's post that contains the grand list of almost 100 math literature books reviewed on this blog, you can click on the Math Literature tab at the top of this page to access it anytime.  It is free to download or you can just peruse it online.

Today I want to share with you one of my very favorite books for teaching 3-D shapes.  It is by the very talented Cindy Neuschwander who has written several of my favorite math literature books.  You might have read some of her Sir Cumference books. 


In this story two siblings go on a trip to Egypt with their parents.  They accidentally get trapped in a pyramid and have to use the hieroglyphics on the walls to help them find the way out.  The clues are all about different geometric solids and the pair uses what they know about them to answer the riddles and get out of the pyramid.

It is a very engaging story, and kids get hooked in quite well.  There are quite a few words on each page, but the pace is excellent and kids definitely remain engaged.   It is an excellent addition to any unit on 3-D geometry and reviews the different shapes as well as terms such as faces and vertices.  I have used it in grades 1-4 with great results.

The next time I do this lesson in the classroom, I plan on using my shape posters to have kids do a 3-D shape hunt around the classroom.  I will spread out the posters around the room and have kids bring examples of each type of shape back to the poster that it matches.

My 3-D shape posters are available in red, green, purple and blue!
You might also want to check out this lesson that combines literature and 3-D shapes!

Does anyone have any other recommendations for children's literature that can be used to for a 3-D shape hunt?

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