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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Great Math App: King of Math Junior

A few months ago, I wrote about an app I was using with early finishers and kids looking for a challenge in grades 3-8 called King of Math.  Recently, I realized that the same company also put out King of Math Junior and installed it on my iPad.  It is a great app with a lot of different options that I will be using in the classroom this coming school year.

I can see myself using this app two different ways.  First, similar to the original app, I can see this app as a great option for early finishers or kids looking for a challenge in grades 1-3.  Second, there are parts of this app I like so much for early numeracy and additive reasoning practice that I can see myself using parts of this app with intervention kids who need a fun way to practice important skills.  

You can have students sign in as a player with their own name if you want them to use this app repeatedly for early finishers or a challenge.  You can also create a generic account for use with intervention or individual time in the classroom.  
Once you open the app and choose your player, you see a bunch of books.  These books have the topics that are available and include counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, comparing, puzzles, measuring and fractions.  When you select a book, you will see it has 9 levels.  You must start with level 1 and complete it before it will unlock level 2.  If a level is unlocked, you can play it over and over again.  Each level has 10 questions.  You will see 3 stars in the upper right hand corner.  These are your three "lives" for that level.  If you get more than 3 wrong answers, you fail that level and have to start over.  

Here are some shots of the game in action


This is an easy and quick level to use with K students or intervention first graders who need more practice with subitizing or counting

Missing numeral up to 5

Another great one for K students!

Addition and Subtraction

The models are the same for addition and subtraction and quite a variety of models are included.  Objects, fingers, dice and number line are all part of the addition and subtraction section.  I also love when students have to pick the equation to match the picture.  You can see how useful this app would be to target specific skills for specific students.  

Multiplication and Divsion

I love how these operations start out with their very basic beginnings and how well they use the equal groups models.  As you move up in levels, there are some fun ways for kids to practice their multiplication and division facts with visual supports.


The geometry section offers a variety of practice with 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.  However, I did find one mathematical inaccuracy with one of the sections where kids are asked to identify a prism.  It shows a triangular prism, a pyramid, a cube and a cylinder.  They have the "correct" answer as being the prism.  However, a cube is also a prism because it is a polyhedron that has the same cross section along its entire length.   If you address that issue with your students, the rest of this section has some good practice.  I particularly like the angle practice where it asks for an estimated angle measure.

Other Sections

The other sections also have some interesting levels.

King of Math Junior is currently free in the app store!  I am not sure if it is always free so grab it now! (The original King of math app was 99 cents but is also currently listed as free!)

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