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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun and Free Apps: Sushi Monster

I love finding apps that are fun, easy to use and get right to the math.  Bonus points where they are FREE! 

Here is an app I have been using lately with kids in grades 1-5.  It can be used to practice addition or multiplication.  There are several levels for each so it is useful with a range of learners. 

Title Page

The addition option starts off at the fact level. 

Can you find two numbers that add up to 6?  A student would just need to touch the numbers to feed them to the monster and see their number sentence.

I like that each level ends with a summary page.  This means I can have kids show me how they did as they finish.  Older students can take a screen shot to show me later if I am busy with something else.

Addition level 2 gives kids a chance to extend their fact knowledge into multiples of 10

Depending on which numbers you choose, you can occasionally be unable to make a target sum.

Addition level 3 mixes up several types of target numbers.  There are 7 total levels for addition


Level 1 in multiplication has you find the factors that will make a number.  Right now this student is looking for 2 factors that make 30.

Level 2 in multiplication extends fact knowledge to powers of ten

Level 3 of multiplication mixes and matches problems from levels 1 and 2

Have you tried Sushi Monster with your students?  It is FREE if you want to give it a try!