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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pengin Math

I have had penguins on the brain this weekend as I start planning ahead for my December and January math stations for first grade.  There is nothing like a fun theme to tie things together and make practicing math more fun.

Here is a peak at what I have been working on (and some FREEBIES!)
I have written a few times about the 12 problem types for addition and subtraction that primary kids are responsible for under the Common Core.  I have created a set of 12 full color picture problems for my first graders to solve that address all of these different types.  I have also released 2 of these picture problems as a freebie for those looking to try them out!  I know there are 4 of these problem types my students have not yet been exposed to using our math program so I excited to see them try them out!
 I have also done some re-formatting to a great penguin game that works on subtraction facts under 10.  I am finding my first graders are doing a very good job with addition facts and not so well with subtraction facts so during our penguin time, I will be focusing on this.
This simple game encourages counting back and the spinner includes dots for kids who need a lot of support.  There is also an optional record sheet where kids can record just answers or entire equations depending on their level.  This is also a freebie at my TPT store.

Help! An Orca is coming in action!

One of my favorite things to work on with first graders in numeral recognition and using the greater than and less than symbols to compare numbers.  I created one set of cards to work on both of these skills with my students.  I only had to copy and cut one set of cards and got 2 games out of it.  This saves me time which is always a good thing.

I use the cards with the pictures of base 10 pieces to play both of these games.  It is a great way to get kids thinking in tens and ones and using that knowledge to compare numbers.  It is available here!
Another great freebie that I often use as a formative assessment to assess my students' understanding of equality is this:
My penguin equality 2 worksheet set is available as a freebie in my TPT store and  is a great way to review, practice or assess your students' understanding of equality.  
Another favorite of my students' is the game I have, who has?  I created this cute penguin themed version of this game to give them another way to practice numeral recognition, especially the numbers between 100 and 120.

This is a quick and easy game and is currently only $1 in my Tpt store!

I also have been pulling together a collection of literature books around penguins to further spread my theme through the kids school day.  Here are a few of my favorites so far.

This is a great non-fiction picture book with a lot of facts that kids find interesting and some top quality National Geographic photos.  

A great book with cute pictures written in a poem format
I love Tacky the penguin, he is such as great character.  I have several of the Tacky the Penguin books and am working on getting all of them.  
I would love to hear what other penguin books (both fiction and non-fiction) people recommend   If you have a favorite please share in the comments below!


  1. Hi Math Maniac,
    Have you seen this one before? If not I think you will love it!!
    365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental
    Might be one to add to the Monday Math Literature - a very definite math theme. I have collected some great ideas for activities if you are interested?

    1. Thanks for sharing! It looks amazing. I would love to hear more about your activities!

  2. Great freebies. Thank you very much!