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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Place Value Decks! Numbers 0-120

A huge goal for this summer was to get my 0-120 place value deck in good enough shape to post to TPT, and I finally have it done!  It is very much like my best selling numbers to 1000 place value deck but for younger kids.  It is a great deck of cards to have on hand in K, 1st  and the first half of 2nd grade.  I also use them for intervention for older students.  They are a great way to differentiate instruction for your students.  The activities are quick and easy and require little to no teacher prep.  Some of the activities make great fillers during transition times. 

Take a peak!


I use this deck the most because it features both visual images of base 10 pieces and numerals.  The visual images are there to support kids who need it but the numeral is also there for kids who are ready to do it without the image or kids who already have a mental image of what the number looks like.


Many of the games I play with DECK A can also be played with this one.  It features all of the numbers 0-120 without numerals, just a visual representation of base 10 pieces


DECK C is features just the numerals from 0-120.  It can be used to play many of the same games as the other two decks and best used when students have a metal model or other strategies that help them when they need support.
ALL THREE DECKS come together along with descriptions of over 10 activities that can be used to support students' understanding of number.  Click here to check out some pictures and descriptions of the activities I do with these decks! 

Interested in using these with your students?  Click here to grab them from my TPT store!


  1. Wow these are awesome! Great work!


    1. Hi Kristi! I sent them to you! Good luck with your new school and the upcoming school year!

    2. thank you so much, these are AMAZING!!! I see me using these a lot

  2. These are amazing! My kids will love them!


    1. Hi Carrie!

      I am glad you will use them! I just sent them to you. Good luck with the upcoming school year:)

  3. Oh my gosh!!! These are incredible! I teach resource math and these would be PERFECT!!!


  4. Hi Erin!
    Just sent them to you. I hope you get a lot of use out of them! If you teach resource math you might also want to check out my Numbers to 1000 Place Value Deck

  5. Wish to know how to get some of these same samples but for fifth and sixth graders?