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Friday, March 15, 2013

Second Grade Common Core: Place Value

Common Core, Place Value and Numbers under 1000

This year I am working with a challenging group of second graders.  Their range of abilities in this one group is incredible.   There are several many students who need a lot of support in terms of visual modeling and other support when dealing with numbers.  The Common Core for second grade says that these kids need to be pretty proficient with a lot of skills with numbers up to 1000.

My second graders have been struggling with this idea, so I created a place value deck for them.  The goal of the place value deck is to support them in some of these skills using a visual model.  I purchased some great clip art from Teachers in Love

The deck I created consists of 54 cards showing numbers ranging from 100 to 1000.  This is what the cards look like
These are currently my BEST SELLING item in my Tpt store.  Teachers love them and they are getting great reviews:)  Check them out!

I copied the deck on to card stock and chopped it apart.   I think I will end up using this deck in so many ways.  Here is what I have done with it so far:

Compare Game using Greater Than and Less Than Symbols

The common core for second grade expects that students will use the greater than and less than symbols.  I created this simple (and fun!) game board for kids to use to show inequalities.  The rectangular strips are attached with brads and can move back and forth between a greater than, less than, and equal to sign.
The kids love it.  I walk around and have them read the inequalities to me.  I sometimes have students use whiteboards to record their inequalities after each turn.   This provides a record that lets me check for understanding.  It is formative assessment without feeling like an assessment.

Ordering Numbers Under 1000

     My students need a lot more practice with this!  For the students who struggle the most, when I gave them just numerals, they would focus on the hundreds or the tens or the ones and not consider all parts of the numbers.  When I first began with this place value deck, I would have students just order the picture cards.  Now that they have had more experience  I am having them write the corresponding numeral underneath.  Eventually, I will have them order just the numerals and then they can check with or fall back on the picture cards.

10 More/10 less AND 100 More/100 Less

The common core has a heavy emphasis on 10 more and 10 less for second graders.  Beyond that, it is really helpful when you move into trying to develop conceptual understandings of 2 digit addition and subtraction if subtracting 10 and adding 10 is second nature to kids.

I have them create a record sheet on a whiteboard or a piece of scrap paper and they pull a card and record 10 less and 10 more.  The pictures REALLY support kids who need it.  When they have filled in their whiteboard with 10 less/10 more, I have them erase and change it to 100 less/100 more and do the same thing.  While I am sitting here writing about this activity, it doesn't seem like it would be very fun, but my students LOVE it.  I don't know if it is the white boards, or making their own record sheet or what but they think this is super fun and have been asking when we can do it again.

I am getting so much mileage out of this deck already!  I am working on creating a similar deck for my first graders focusing on the numbers 0-120. 

What uses can you find for this deck?  Want to grab a copy?  Head over to TPT and grab the deck and activity list.  They may even be on sale ;)  You WILL be glad you did!

Looking for a deck of cards for younger kids?  Check out this post about my numbers to 120 place value deck!

Here is how I use this deck in a place value intervention and to work on expanded notation.

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