Friday, December 12, 2014

Teaching Math With You Tube Videos: Holiday Fun

This past spring,  I posted some of my favorite songs and videos about shapes, counting, multiplication, coins, time, fractions, teen numbersarea and perimeter and addition facts.  Today I want to share with you some fun holiday and winter themed You Tube Videos that are a great way to review math topics while having some holiday fun and movement.

Clip art by A Little Peace of Africa

During the holiday season, I spend even more time doing brain breaks and getting kids up and moving around.  Not of all of these teach a math concept, many of them are just for fun and a nice break!

5 Little Reindeer

A great little song and video that is good for reviewing counting backwards and basic subtraction.  


If You're a Kid: Christmas Remix

No math here but a GREAT way to take a break between subjects and get some fun and movement in!

Crazy Christmas Santa Clones

This is a favorite just for fun video for students of all ages.  This one will give them a few minutes of dancing along with Santa fun!

The Gauss Christmas Special

This video is one to save for the kids who REALLY LOVE MATH.  My older students who are really into math ideas LOVE this one.  It is long and math nerd-y so I usually just share it with a few students who are early finishers and can't get enough math.

Math Jingle

A fun, "math is useful and cool" message for older students.  A great way to work on reading fluency while singing a math themed Christmas song.

Snowy Fireplace Music

I love using this video in December.  I project it on my Smart Board while I am working in my room or when my students are working quietly.  It is a great way to add some festive fun into your classroom. 

Your turn!  What is your favorite You Tube song/video to use with students in December?  Leave a comment below or head over to Facebook and share it on my page!


  1. I used the Santa clones this week. My kids got a kick out of that one.

  2. Santa clones is hilarious. What a hoot!

    1. It is definitely a favorite school wide. Last year we did it at school wide meeting the day before the holiday break and it was a huge hit!