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Monday, February 6, 2017

Math Love, A Giveaway, A Sale, Book Study Update & More

First Grade Number Puzzles

Book Study Update

Our new book study is getting a great response!  We will be discussing Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler.  This book has the potential to make a great impact in  your classroom regardless of what grade you teach.  It is also super affordable and ships for free if you have Amazon Prime. Get all the book study details here.  

A Sale

Also in the news this morning, Teachers Pay Teachers site wide sale starts tomorrow!  You can save 28% off all of my resources with the code LoveTPT.  I have been window shopping already and currently have 18 items in my cart.  There is nothing like a good sale!

I have been so inspired by my K/1 math group over the last month and have been super busy creating resources to use with them.  I have quite the range of abilities in this group and routinely need to create stuff that spans the K-2 spectrum for these guys.  I am loving teaching math in a multi-age setting and will have more to share about how we structure this very soon.

Math Love

Lots of new Valentine/heart themed math centers for K-2 classrooms!
Counting Puzzle Bundle
Valentine Ten Frames Playing Cards & Activity Set

Teen Number Math Craft
Addition Facts Craft

Kindergarten Number Puzzles
Second Grade Number Puzzles

Math Love Giveaway! 

Thanks for all the love you show me all year long!  Enter below for your chance to win a $10 TPT gift card!  I will send it to the winner before the end of the TPT site wide sale on Wednesday so they can use it during the sale if they wish.

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  1. I like that there is more than one way to solve a problem.

  2. I love creating lessons that my kiddos can use to explore math concepts with concrete manipulatives.

  3. I love everything about teaching math ~ especially geometry!

  4. thanks for this opportunity. My students love different math activities

  5. I love everything especially when kids go from disliking math to loving it!
    BTW, I love your comparing board - Brilliant!

  6. I love your site. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  7. I love showing kids that math can be FUN!

  8. Love that it can be so concrete at times, yet so fun!

  9. I love when the kids can explain they way they solve or see the problem and it's different than everyone else.

  10. I love that there are so many different ways to get the same answer!

  11. I love teaching all of the different strategies for adding and subtracting!!

  12. I love everything about teaching Math! But especially those Gotcha moments!

  13. I love that students can get to the same answer in a variety of ways.

  14. I am learning to really appreciate teaching math. It is so neat that there are so many different ways to teach and for students to get the same answer!