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Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Math Literature Volume 55

If you missed last week's post about Ten Black Dots and the ten frame freebie, you can check it out here!

This week I want to share with you a great piece of literature that you would not traditionally think about using during math class.  The author, Jerry Pallotta has written several great math literature books but this one is a bit different.

I have been so inspired by the Math and Literature series, I have started to look at my collection of children's literature with a math lens.  I used this lesson with a group of kids who will be in Kindergarten or first grade this fall.

There are a lot of facts about bugs in this book!  It is a great way to build vocabulary and non-fiction knowledge about bugs but let's talk about using this for math.  This crew of kids has been working on numbers to 20 and we used this book and some realistic plastic bugs to further explore counting, numbers to 20 and pairs that make 20.

Many pages have multiple bugs pictured on them and these are the pages we focused on when using this book for math.  We figured out how many bugs were pictured and how many more we would need to make 20. 

Another picture that is great for figuring out how many bugs are there.  I know these kids very well and was able to call on kids who I know need more practice with one to one correspondence to help me count up these bugs.  

We then used the plastic bugs and these bug 20 frame cards to help us work more on numbers to 20.  We also made a small world/sensory bin for the bugs which they had great fun with while reviewing vocabulary, counting and other skills!

Using the plastic bugs to help us solve problems.  Notice how they look like a 20 frame?  This helps students connect this lesson to the next one and the 20 frame bug learning center they will be using.
Our bug sensory  bin

We also threw in a counting and estimating routine to kick off our days of using bugs in math.
As a kick off to using this book, we estimated and then counted the bugs in this bug box.

We finished our work up on bugs and numbers to 20 with these cute bug themed 20 frames!

You can read more about these 20 frames here!  Grab your own set here!

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