Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Math Literature Volume 7

It's another Monday!  That means it is time to look at another one of my favorite math literature books!  If you are new to my Monday math literature posts, click here to start from week 1.  Last week I reviewed
One Grain Of RiceClick here to check out that post!

 This week I want to tell you about an oldie but a goodie!  This book is another by Marilyn Burns and was first published many years ago.  In fact, I remember reading and loving this book when I was in elementary school.

Math for Smarty Pants 


This is the perfect book to hand to that student in your class who you never seem to get to spend the extra time with.  The kid who finishes all their work quickly and easily and is looking for something more.  This book introduces some very deep mathematical topics in a light, entertaining and VERY kid friendly way.  It does a great job of showing kids how math is used in the real world and getting kids excited about the math around them.  I think it is a much better option than having kids do busy work in the form of extra arithmetic worksheets.  

This book introduces some big mathematical ideas so I think it is best for grades 3 and up.  I most often use it in grades 4 and up but there has been the occasional third grader who has been ready for this extra challenge.

Are there any math literature books you use to challenge students?

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