Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday Math Literature: Volume 9

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Teaching Elapsed Time!

Wow!  Have you ever had to work with students on the idea of elapsed time?  I have spent many hours wondering how to work with kids on this tricky topic and here is a book that helps me out every year.

In the story, the pig family decides to go to the beach.  Between lost keys, getting dressed, finding towels and a long drive it takes them several hours to get to the beach.  Once they are there waiting in line, eating and waiting to swim take more time.  Will the pig family have time to swim before the beach closes?

When I read this story, I like to read through it once and let the students enjoy the story and the silliness of it all.  The next day or later that week, I read it again but this time, I handout mini geared clocks to all of the kids and we go through the story together working on telling time, placing hands and elapsed time.  It is a fun way to practice a very tricky subject.  Having a geared mini clock for each student makes this much easier but it also works with clocks that are not geared.

How do you work on elapsed time with your students?

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  1. I love this series -- you share many of my own favorite math books.

    Math is Elementary