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I spent the last 14 years working as a K-6 math specialist in a small elementary school.  This year I stepped into the same role at a larger elementary school that absorbed my small school. I spend my days working with students and teachers to differentiate and personalize math class so that we can meet the needs of all  learners.  I have always had diverse groups of learners but 6 years ago we started teaching multi-age math.  There wasn’t a lot of information available about how to teach this way so we had to build the plane while flying it.  Looking back, teaching multiage was what made us take the leap to radical differentiation and personalization. Now I am back in a bigger school teaching straight graded classrooms and have realized that even single grade have a diverse group of learners and the things we learned while figuring out multi-age apply to all classrooms. When I am not teaching or chasing after my own kids, I am sharing what I  have learned with other teachers through in person and online professional development. 

Want to join me on my journey through differentiation toward personalization?  Check out our Free Facebook group, Differentiating Math K-6!

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